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About the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Founded over 400 years ago, Deutsche Borse’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading exchange, ranking only behind the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is home to public companies from more than 80 different countries with companies from North American making up almost 40% of the total companies listed, including more than 3,200 from the United States alone. More and more companies from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, India, China and more are choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange over their home country’s stock exchange.

Here are some reasons why:

  • There are no restricted shares, even for officers and insiders. All shares are free trading.
  • No minimum percentage of free float shareholders.
  • Prospectus is not required.
  • In a landmark decision favoring public companies, naked short selling was banned in Germany in June 2010.
  • No audit is required for the First Quotation Board.
  • No Sarbanes-Oxley like the OTCBB.
  • There is more liquidity than the all exchanges in the world except the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • The listing process for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is much faster than any other public listing in the world.
  • The ongoing costs are much less than on the OTCBB, TSX Venture, Hong Kong, BSE or ASX exchanges.
  • Public offerings can be conducted without an underwriter on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is very respected internationally.
  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange boasts more international listings than any other stock exchange in the world.
  • With more than 250 international trading institutions and more than 4,500 traders, companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have massive exposure to investor capital.
  • Investors with a direct connection to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange represent 35% of the entire world’s investment capital. In recent years the orders executed by international investors on Xetra has increased on a continuous basis and as of the end of 2010 it represents more than 65% of the total order-flow, with more than 22% from US investors and more than 24% of from UK investors.
  • Companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange gain access to the largest capital market conference in Europe, with over 5,500 participants and more than 100 exhibitors every year.
  • “Xetra”, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s electronic trading platform, is widely accepted as the most efficient and flexible automated electronic trading system in the world.